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Article By: Dani Ruben
Last Updated: January 19, 2023
Visiting a theme park on a vegan diet can be challenging, especially when lines for restaurants get long and the menus are not easily accessible from the back of the line. Thankfully, most eateries at Universal Studios Hollywood offer at least one vegan food meal option.

Despite this, the available options are not as many as we'd like. Many seem more like an added menu item to ensure that vegan visitors have something to eat, as opposed to something thoughtful and creative. Although we hope to see the park expand its menus to include more vegan options in the future, we're thankful to have at least some we can depend on for the time being.

We've compiled a list of the best vegan options at the theme park, so that you don't have to worry about figuring out where and what to eat if you're on a vegan diet at Universal Studios Hollywood.

1. Beyond BBQ Cheeseburger

Available At: Mel's Diner (Upper Lot)
The Beyond BBQ Cheeseburger at Mel's Diner at Universal Studios Hollywood is our favorite vegan meal in the park. The patty is juicy, the vegenaise is spot on, and the whole wheat bun makes us feel pretty healthy. It's not a complicated burger, but sometimes simple just tastes better. At $14.49 (as of August 2022), it's one of the more expensive meal options at Mel's, but not by much. It's well worth it for a quality vegan food option. The crinkle cut fries that come with it aren't our favorite, but they'll have to do. They actually taste better if you bring them home and air fry them!

2. Mother Nature Burger

Available At: Krusty Burger (Springfield)
The Mother Nature Burger at Krusty Burger is nearly identical to the Beyond BBQ Cheeseburger at Mel's. It still uses a Beyond Burger® patty with a vegan whole wheat bun and comes with the same toppings. However the quality at Krusty Burger is often significantly worse than at Mel's. Because Krusty Burger tends to be much busier than Mel's, the staff in the kitchen are often under much more stress. More than once, we've received Mother Nature Burger's with burnt, hard-as-rock patties. It's extremely disappointing, especially if the wait for food is longer than 20 minutes (which it can be during peak hours).

When made correctly, this burger is absolutely wonderful, and we highly recommend it, especially if you'd like to eat in the charming Simpson's-themed seating areas. Just be sure to get it when the restaurant isn't busy!

3. Meat Hater's Pizza

Available At: Luigi's Pizza (Springfield)
We love the name of this pizza at Luigi's Pizza, and also really like the pizza itself. This vegan pizza is a veggie-lover's dream, topped with mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes, olives, and red onions. We can barely tell that it's a vegan pizza. 

The cheese is thick and pulls like regular cheese. The crust is crunchy, yet has a soft texture inside. The vegetables are cooked to perfection, and they're very generous with the toppings. This is a great pizza overall, even if you're not on a vegan diet.

4. Vegan Banh Mi

Available At: Palace Deli & Market (Upper Lot), French St. Bistro (Upper Lot),
Studio Café (Lower Lot)
The Vegan Banh Mi is Universal Studios Hollywood's grab-and-go option for vegan eaters. It's available with all the other refrigerated sandwiches at Palace Deli & Market, French St. Bistro, and Studio Café. This one's nice if you're in a hurry or not really that hungry and just want something to munch on while you're wandering the park.

Inside the vegan hoagie roll is a party of vegetables including zucchini, mushrooms, carrots, beets, jalapeños, and cilantro with vegan mayonnaise, lemongrass soy sauce, and vinegar. The flavors certainly make for a fresh-tasting sandwich, but it also has a bit of a kick to it that we weren't expecting. It's not bad, but it is not super filling, which makes it perfect as a light meal or snack.

5. Veggie Sushi Roll

Available At: Panda Express (Lower Lot)
This meal option isn't listed on Universal Studios Hollywood's website, but we've seen it served at the Panda Express at the Lower Lot time and time again. It's listed as a veggie sushi roll, but the ingredients list confirmed that it's fine for vegan diets as well. It's a standard sushi rice roll, filled with carrots, avocado, and cucumber. It's a bit bland, so you'll want to add some soy sauce or vegan mayo on it, if you can. It's filling, however, and a bit more unique than the other options on this list.

Honorary Mention: Fresh Fruit Cup

Available At: Palace Deli & Market (Upper Lot)
While this is not a meal, it's another solid snack that's suitable for those on a vegan diet. It can be picked up at Palace Deli & Market. The line here is usually much shorter than at other food locations in the park, so it's also great if you're really hungry and just want to eat something quickly.
As you can see, there really aren't many options for those on a vegan diet at Universal Studios Hollywood. However, we're hoping the park continues to add more in the future.

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