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Best Desserts at Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood
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Article By: Dani Ruben
Last Updated: March 2, 2023
From indulgent milkshakes to giant donuts to the newest desserts at Super Nintendo World and more, Universal Studios Hollywood has a dizzying array of sweet treats to accommodate your sugar-filled fantasies! Some of the best desserts you can get are easy to miss, especially when you're limited on time and have so many other wonderful experiences to explore around the park.

We've eaten at every single restaurant, food stand, and food truck at the theme park and are happy to report our list of the best desserts at Universal Studios Hollywood. These are some of the best quality desserts you should reach for if you find your sweet tooth calling you during your trip.

1. Strawberry Indulgence Milkshake

Located At: Studio Scoop | Price: $11.00
Colorful? Check. Shareable? Check. Indulgent? Check! This milkshake is an over-the-top creation that most people overlook when they visit the park. It's available at Studio Scoop, which usually doesn't open until noon. The morning crowds that head down to ride The Mummy or Jurassic World first thing in the morning are usually long gone before the eatery even opens!

That's a shame because Studio Scoop has some delicious, cold treats that are perfect for those hot California days. This one has topped with cereal, candy cops, and even a chocolate covered strawberry. We definitely recommend grabbing a friend or two to help take down this Instagrammable treat!

2. Housemade Beignets (Vegetarian)

Located At: French St. Bistro or City Snack Shop | Price: $5.99
Simple, fluffy beignets dusted with powdered sugar are difficult to beat. They're not as sweet or as rich as a milkshake, so they're perfect as a lighter dessert or snack. They're also serendipitously easy to share, which is always a bonus! These are available at either French St. Bistro or the City Snack Shop, however we recommend going to the bistro. Even though they're supposed to be the same product, the quality at the French St. Bistro is noticeably higher for reasons unknown to us (and now you!).

3. Cauldron Cake

Located At: Honeyduke's | Price: $6.99
Honeyduke's is mostly a candy store and, aside from the delectable chocolate frogs, most of the products seem destined to be souvenirs for friends and family. Their bakery case, small as it is, can easy be missed. The Cauldron Cake is usually located on a place of honor on the very top shelf of the bakery case. This charming cake features flame-like icing on the top which begs for an Instagram closeup. What's underneath is a rich chocolate cake -the kind that makes you go "Mmmmmm"!

The fun part is that you can keep the cauldron after you've demolished the cake. The cauldron is actually a silicon baking container which you can use to make your own cauldron cake at home. A recipe for the cake is even included!

4. ? Block Tiramisu (Vegetarian)

Located At: Toadstool Cafe | Price: $9.99
It's cute. It's delicious. It's fun to eat. The ? Block Tiramisu at the new Toadstool Cafe won us over immediately when we first gave it a try. This charming dessert is made up of 5 ? Block cookies, a white chocolate power up token, whipped cream, a block of tiramisu, and a swirl of raspberry sauce. The cookies are solid but are mostly there for the aesthetic. The tiramisu is tasty and mild, which is our preference for tiramisu. Coffee lovers will be missing the stronger flavors, but keeping it mild makes it friendlier for kids to indulge in. Don't sleep on the raspberry sauce ; it adds a light punch of tartness and flavor to the tiramisu!

5. Nutella™ Banana Pudding (Vegetarian)

Located At: Minion Cafe | Price: $6.99
This tasty treat looks like just another gimmicky dessert using the popular Despicable Me Minions' faces. Once you get past the hard exterior "cookie" topping that makes this treat so cute, you get to the good stuff: the Nutella banana pudding. This is one of those guilty pleasure treats that's rich and creamy and just makes your day that much better. We know they probably have to put the Minion face on top to sell more of these, but without the decoration, this is still easily one of the best desserts in Universal Studios Hollywood.

6. Chocolate x6 Milkshake

Located At: Studio Scoop | Price: $11.00
We're back to Studio Scoop because their menu just has too many fantastic treats that you shouldn't miss. For all the chocolate-lovers out there, the Chocolate x6 Milkshake is a MUST-TRY. Why is it called the Chocolate x6? You get a chocolate milkshake, chocolate pearls, a chocolate round wafer treat, chocolate whipped cream, and 2 chocolate chunks. Sometimes they'll substitute a chocolate brownie wedge for one of these items. It varies a little day by day. Either way, this over-the-top shake is sure to satisfy your theme park sugar cravings!

7. Mini Churro Bites (Vegetarian)

Located At: Cocina Mexicana or Minion Cafe | Price: $6.49
These Mini Churro Bites are another simple but satisfying dessert that's easy to eat, easy to share, and easy on the wallet. It's sweet but not overly so, which makes it great if you want something that won't overload your sweet tooth. One of our favorite things to do is grab an order of these Mini Churro Bites on the way to the Studio Tour so that we can snack on them in line (on busy days) or on the tour (on a good day)!

8. Butterbeer Ice Cream

Located At: The Three Broomsticks or The Magic Neep or Honeyduke's | Price: $6.99
The Butterbeer Ice Cream is another dessert at Universal Studios Hollywood that's easy to miss, enough though it's sold at the Magic Neep Cart, Honeyduke's, a few stands at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and The Three Broomsticks. Since Universal Studios Hollywood doesn't have a Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor, the park instead offers 4 of the shop's ice cream flavors for visitors to try. The Butterbeer Ice Cream is the most popular (for obvious reasons) and is also the most unique.

9. Cookies 'N Cream 'N Things

Located At: Phineas Q Butterfat's Ice Cream | Price: $7.99
If you're craving a cold treat but don't want to make the trek down to the Lower Lot for Studio Scoop, Phineas Q Butterfat's Ice Cream has you covered! One of the best desserts at this food stand is the Cookies 'N Cream 'N Things. It's a sizeable -but not overwhelming- cup of ice cream mixed with Oreo cookie crumbles and chocolate fudge. It's topped with whipped cream and even more Oreo cookie crumbles. Oreos and vanilla ice cream have always been a winning combination, and the added whipped cream and fudge make it feel like a real treat.

10. Butterbeer Potted Cream™

Located At: The Three Broomsticks | Price: $5.99
The Three Broomsticks has some of the most unique desserts in Universal Studios Hollywood, including the Chocolate Trifle, the Sticky Toffee Pudding, and the Freshly Baked Apple Pie. One of our favorites, and definitely a bit of a hidden gem at the theme park, is the Butterbeer Potted Cream™. This creamy, sweet treat feels indulgent but is fairly easy on the stomach, which is important after enjoying a hefty meal at the The Three Broomsticks. The tiny jar it's served in also gives it a homey feel, and it looks fantastic on your Instagram feed!

11. Marge's Loaded Peanut Butter Brownie (Vegetarian)

Located At: Cletus' Chicken Shack or Krusty Burger | Price: $4.99
Marge's Loaded Peanut Butter Brownie is available at a few of the Springfield restaurant locations, so you'll likely run in to it if you eat in Springfield during your visit. This is an average-looking, easy-to-miss dessert that really hits the spot after a Krusty Burger or some Chicken Thumbs. Although we wouldn't call this treat amazing, it's still tasty and affordable compared to most of the other desserts at Universal Studios Hollywood. It's rich and super sweet, so be sure to bring your sweet tooth!
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