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We are a group of friends who love to travel and visit theme parks all over the world. We are annual pass holders, theme park foodies, pin traders, coaster riders, and show enthusiasts.

For us, it began with one trip to Disney World. Then a second. Then a third. Then a trip to Universal Hollywood for the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Then a stop Disneyland Paris while visiting France for a couple of weeks. Then Disney Sea and Tokyo Disneyland while on vacation in Tokyo. Then... we just never stopped -nor do we hope to!

We love the thrill of experiencing new rides for the first time, the wonder of exploring beautifully themed lands, and the delight of tasting all the sweets and treats offered at amusement parks. We also enjoy sharing our experiences with you to inspire you to have your own amazing theme park adventures.
Dani Gamutan


Theme Park Foodie | Trip Planner
Dani is nearly always the one planning trips from ensuring everyone has park tickets to booking hotel rooms. She's a major foodie and loves ordering everything on the menu (to the delight and horror of her travel party). She also has a deep love and appreciation for the design and theming of rides and lands.
Favorite Park:  Magic Kingdom


Theme Park Foodie
Tim enjoys trying out all the food theme parks have to offer, from sweets and treats to full course meals with wine.
Favorite Park:  Disney World (unsure which yet)
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