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Located just south of México City, Six Flags México theme park is a great place to visit for one or two days for some classic park rides and food. The park's many lands take visitors on a wild journey around the globe and even to different worlds with a variety of popular characters from the DC and Looney Tunes.  

The park has a healthy mixture of thrilling and entertaining rides for all ages, which makes it fantastic for families. You can dance with Daffy Duck. You can fly high above the park on a swing. You can race against friends in a go-kart. The food is varied and decent, with typical carnival food options, alongside some international favorites.

Our Six Flags Mexico theme park guide can help you figure out what rides and restaurants you won't want to miss on your next visit to this lively amusement park.
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DC Fans
With heavily themed DC rides and lands, this park is a dream for fans of the popular comic franchise. There's also a great mix of intense and mild attractions to please just about everyone's taste in entertainment and rides. As the most visited theme park in Latin America, Six Flags has made sure to include a little something for everyone.
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$900 MXN
(per day, based on a 2 day trip)
Latin America's Six Flags is pretty cheap, compared to most other theme parks worldwide. The price of food is about average with most restaurants in Mexico City. The biggest expense here is the park ticket, which starts at about $399/day.
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Oct - Dec
Mar - May
Mexico City's weather is beautiful mostly year round, with some more rain in the summer seasons. The park gets very busy in the summer, as most theme parks do, so it's nicer to visit in the shoulder seasons, right before and after it gets busy. October/November also bring in Day of the Dead celebrations to enjoy!

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