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The entrance to Six Flags Mexico leads straight into Pueblo Mexicano. The land is shaped like a large pathway that leads to Pueblo Francés, which the park's central hub. Fiesta de las Tazas, a classic teapot ride, greets guests with its colorful designs. Superman El Ultimo Escape, one of the theme park's most extreme rides, is also located in this land. 

The food options at Pueblo Mexicano are varied and abundant. You can enjoy traditional Mexican cuisine, funnel cakes, burgers, ice cream, and more in this land's plethora of eateries. A premium funnel cake at Funnel Cake y Churros is absolutely a must-eat while visiting this theme park.

Top 3 Things to do in Pueblo Mexicano

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Eat a Funnel Cake
Easily one of the best snacks in the park, the funnel cakes at Funnel Cake y Churros are tasty and large enough to share. Since it's near the park entrance, we recommend starting your park day with one of these delicious treats! 
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Ride Supermal El Ultimo Escape
This ride is not for the faint of heart, but it's one of the most popular rides in the theme park. The queue is also well designed, taking you through Clark Kent's office and leading you to the back where the ride boards.
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Eat Some Tacos
While in Pueblo Mexicano, it's natural to grab some traditional Mexican cuisine. The tacos at Tacotitlan are tasty, affordable, and are just filling enough to get you through the next few hours without feeling too full.

Food & Drinks

La Antigua Hacienda
Traditional Mexican Cuisine
Price: $100 - $250 MXN
La Antigua Hacienda sits right at the park entrance and is usually open early for breakfast before the rest of the park opens. It serves traditional Mexican cuisine, including a variety of sopas, carnitas, guacamole, flan, and more. It's a full service sit down restaurant, so you can expect to spend a little more time here. It's rarely busy, since it's farther away from the rest of the attractions in the park, so it might be a great backup option if all other eateries are busy. The food is solid and on par with the quality of typical theme park food
Tacos & Tortas
Price: $50 - $120 MXN
Tacotitlan is split up into two sections, both of which serve the exact same food. The upper section is smaller and just up the stairs from the lower section. If the line is long at one section, try the other one for a shorter wait. The tacos are a bit greasy but filling and tasty nonetheless. The tortas can be a bit dry, but you can remedy that with salsa if you'd like. The meals here are pretty cheap, and the restaurant opens early, so it's a great stop in the morning when you're just starting your day.
Johnny Rockets
Burgers & Shakes
Price: $80 - $180 MXN
Both Johnny Rockets locations at Six Flags Mexico are pretty popular, so we recommend eating during the slower hours between lunch and dinner. The burgers and fries are tasty, especially when paired with one of their shakes. The food here is a slight step above the rest of the theme park food available, and it's a great choice for picky eaters.
Funnel Cake y Churros
Funnel Cake, Churros, & Manzanas
Price: $50 - $120 MXN
This eatery is a must-stop if your sweet tooth comes calling while you're at the theme park. The churros are solid and go well with a coffee, especially if it's a cloudy, rainy sort of day. The manzanas are a favorite with kids and are made fresh in-house. The funnel cake, however, is the best thing on the menu. The premium funnel cake comes with soft serve and a bunch of topping options to choose from. It's large enough to share between 2-4 people and makes for a great dessert after a meal at any of the nearby restaurants
Estación Fanta
Soft Drinks & Snacks
Price: $40 - $100 MXN
Located right at the front of the park, Estación Fanta is a great stop for a snack as you're entering or leaving the park. The popcorn is great for waiting in lines, and the hot dogs and nachos can be eaten for breakfast or lunch on-the-go.

Rides & Attractions


Relaxing (Slow with Little or No Elevation Changes) | Mild (Slow to Moderately Fast with Potentially Higher Elevation)

Thrilling (Fast with Potential High Elevations & Loops) | Wild (Intense Speeds, Extreme Heights, and/or Loops)
Superman El Ultimo Escape
Height: 1.3 m
Intensity Level: Wild
Superman El Ultimo Escape is arguably the most thrilling and longest coaster at Six Flags Mexico. The queue line is nicely themed. You'll walk through the office building where Clark Kent works and wind your way to the back where the coaster loads in passengers. You won't actually be able to see much of the track in the queue, so be warned that this one is intense.
Fiesta de las Tazas
Height: 1.3 m alone | 0.90 m w/adult
Intensity Level: Mild
Every theme park has its classic teapot ride and Six Flags Mexico is no exception. Fiesta de las Tazas is right at the park entrance, so you can't miss it. This charming ride has adorable teacups that'll make you feel like grabbing some tea or Mexican hot chocolate afterward.
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