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Best 8 Things to Eat at Six Flags México

Ciudad de México, México
Six Flags México Guide
Dani Ruben
Article By: Dani Gamutan
Last Updated: July 26, 2022
Six Flags Mexico has an abudance of food available through dozens of eateries and snack locations around the park. From Italian classics to quick sandwiches to full size steaks and more, it can be difficult to choose what to eat, especially if you're only at the park for a day or two. We've eaten at nearly every single food location at this park and now bring you a list of the best 8 things to eat at Six Flags México so that you can just head straight to the good food.

1. Fries at Andre's Hand Dipped Corn Dogs

Our absolute favorite hidden gem at Six Flags Mexico is the fries at Andre's Hand Dipped Corn Dogs. They're crispy, flavorful, and everything fries should be. Because they're larger than average, you'll only get a few with every corn dog order, but you can always order the fries separately. In fact, we'd go so far as to say that you could probably just skip the corn dog and indulge in the french fries for a better meal.

2. Chapata at Cafe Paris

The Chapata at Cafe Paris is our favorite pick for a fresh, healthy meal in the park. It's very reasonably priced, especially since it's large enough to share with one other person. Cafe Paris has plenty of other great options to choose from on its menu, but the Chapata is the one that hits the spot just right. It's simple, but that's what's so nice about it. It's also not too filling, which is great for the mornings or for lunch.

3. Arrachera Steak at Saloon Corona

If you're looking for something heavier or a little fancier, the Arrachera Steak at Saloon Corona is our choice. Although they do also have a very tasty Ribeye steak, the Arrachera is just as tasty, a little larger, and much more affordable. This meal is large enough to share, or you can split it into two meals and have lunch and dinner covered for the day. The sauce has a little kick to it, which gives the overall dish a bit more complexity. Of course, you can always ask for additional hot sauce if you're looking for something hotter. 

The fries are the only part of this dish that are a little disappointing. They're basic and can be soggy from the steak juice. But they're also easy to ignore if you just focus on the steak, onions, and corn.

4. Fried Cheese at Andre's Hand Dipped Corn Dogs

The fries aren't the only thing we love at Andre's Hand Dipped Corn Dogs. Believe it or not, the fried cheese is also fantastic! It's essentially just a large mozzarella stick, but the breading and size of it make it superior than most mozzarella sticks served at restaurants in the US. There's also something about eating fried cheese on a stick that feels very fitting for a theme park environment. Don't miss out on this cheap, tasty snack when you're in Hollywood!

5. Premium Funnel Cake at Funnel Cake y Churros

Funnel Cake y Churros is hard to miss, as it's right near the entrance to Six Flags Mexico. That's good news, since you'll always have an opportunity to swing by and grab a Premium Funnel Cake. This monstrous dessert comes topped with vanilla soft serve and whatever toppings you'd like. We recommend oreo, caramel, whipped cream, and a cherry, but you can customize it to whatever suits your taste. The funnel cake itself is pretty typical, but the additional toppings really make it shine. It's also large enough to share with a small group, which is always a bonus.

6. Fried Chicken at Chicken Stand

There's only one food stand in Bugs Bunny Boom Town and, honestly, there only needs to be one food stand in Bugs Bunny Boom Town if it's as good as Chicken Stand. The Fried Chicken at Chicken Stand is obviously the best choice on the menu here. It's crispy, flavorful, and served fresh (so also a little hot!). The serving size is decent for the price, and it's probably the best value for a full family looking for lunch or dinner at the park.

7. Taco Campechano at Tacotitlan

The Tacos at Tacotitlan are the best at the theme park, but our favorite of those tacos is undoubtedly the Taco Campechano. It's just a classic, simple Taco Campechano. There's nothing fancy about it, but that's really what makes it so great. It's also cheap, quick to eat, and easy to grab on your way in or out of the park. It's a no brainer for us when we're looking to have something quick and tasty while we're in between rides.

8. ICEE at Refreeze

Our last pick seems a little funny at just being an ICEE, but there's just something about sipping an ice cold ICEE while you're wandering through the lands at Six Flags Mexico that can't be beat. You're in a beautiful city, at a fun theme park, drinking a leisurely drink -life MUST be great. You can grab a large souvenir cup that you can refill for cheap throughout the day if you plan on having more than just one. They also have a bunch of flavors to try so you'll never get bored.
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