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8 Best Six Flags México Restaurants

Ciudad de México, México
Six Flags México Guide
Dani Gamutan
Article By: Dani Gamutan
Last Updated: July 26, 2022
Six Flags México has an abundance of eateries and stands to keep its guests hydrated and full while perusing the park's attractions. For the most part, you'll find these restaurants serving typical theme park food, like burgers and fries, pizza, popcorn, and other fast food. There are some places that serve cuisine that's a little more varied -like Capone's and Chop Six, which serve Italian pasta and Asian food respectively. However, not all of these places have great quality food.

Below are our top 8 recommendations for the best Six Flags México restaurants, where you're almost guaranteed fantastic meals for a great value. From fried chicken to steak to delectable desserts, there's plenty of food to enjoy at this fun theme in the heart of Mexico!

1. Cafe Paris

Location: Pueblo Frances
Topping our list of Six Flags México's best restaurants is Cafe Paris, located in the central hub of the park at Pueblo Frances. Its central location makes it a perfect spot to enjoy a relaxed meal while still being close to all the action. The restaurant itself is charmingly decorated like a small cafe in -you guessed it- Paris. The outdoor seating is perfect for people watching on days where the weather is nice (almost every day in Mexico City!).

The food at this eatery is very well priced, at about $200 MXN for a meal with a drink, which really isn't bad. The sandwiches here are so fresh -it's like biting into a garden. Perhaps it's the stark contrast to the other theme park food available, which are mostly fried or heavy meals. Here, you can enjoy a healthy sandwich without feeling too full. The sandwiches are also large enough to share, which makes them an even better value. I like to eat half and take the other half as a snack for later. Another great choice at this restaurant is a crepe -all of which are simple but tasty. They're great to enjoy as a dessert after a sandwich or alone as a morning or afternoon snack. 

Whether you swing by Cafe Paris for a full meal or just a light snack, you'll be sure to enjoy fresh food at decent prices in a charming atmosphere. That's what makes this restaurant our top choice for our Six Flags México's best restaurants list!

2. Saloon Corona

Location: Pueblo Vaquero
Tucked away in a more quiet section of the theme park is Saloon Corona. This restaurant is the one of only two full service sit-down restaurant in Six Flags México, and it packs a punch with its hefty menu and mouthwatering food. It's decorated as an old-school saloon with a long bar area. Best of all -it offers A/C for those hot summer days.

The cuisine here is Tex-Mex style, so you're looking at wings, ribs, steak, fries, and all the good stuff. Most meals at this restaurant are pretty heavy, so it's great for dinner at the end of the night or if you're planning on taking a longer rest break for lunch. The arrachera steak is one of our favorites here. It's just under the ribeye with regards to quality, but you really can't beat the value of the arrachera. The ribs are also fantastic, as well as the mozzarella sticks and corn. Most meals are bound to please, although they'll be a little pricier than everywhere else in the park.

If you're looking for a larger meal away from the crowds, this is the best place to go in the theme park. That's not to say that there aren't plenty of attractions nearby; the Medusa Steel Coaster is just a short walk away. However, we recommend riding your thrilling rides before coming to enjoy such a hearty meal at Saloon Corona.

3. Funnel Cake y Churros

Location: Pueblo Mexicano
This next eatery is our top recommendation for a sweet treat at Six Flags México. Funnel Cake y Churros is located right where Pueblo Mexicano meets Pueblo Frances, which means you really can't miss it. It serves up tasty funnel cakes, churros, and manzanas (caramel/candy coated apples).

There's nothing quiet like enjoying fresh churros with some Mexican hot chocolate, and that's exactly what you can get at Funnel Cake y Churros. Our recommendation, however, is a Premium Funnel Cake, which comes with soft serve ice cream, and your choice of a few toppings like caramel, cherries, oreo, etc. For $95 MXN, this large dessert can satisfy 3 or 4 people easily, which makes it a fantastic value for families. This is one of the best desserts you'll be able to enjoy at this charming theme park.

4. Andre's Hand Dipped Corn Dogs

Location: Hollywood
Andre's Hand Dipped Corn Dogs is toward the back of the park in Hollywood. It's a small pick-up window, so it can be easily missed, but it's well worth stopping by to try their french fries and fried cheese. The french fries here are the BEST fries you'll have in all of Six Flags México. They're crunchy on the outside, a little soft on the inside, and seasoned to perfection. The fried cheese on a stick is what mozarella sticks wish they could be. They're crunchy and warm, and the cheese inside is gooey and delicious. Paired together, they're the ultimate theme park snack. At around $80 MXN for a pair of fried cheese sticks, they're a pretty decent value as well. The corn dogs are good, not great, so we recommend just skipping those if you come here.

5. Chicken Stand

Location: Bugs Bunny Boom Town
Chicken Stand is perfectly situated in Bugs Bunny Boom Town, where all the child-friendly attractions are located. This quick-service eatery offers fried chicken and southern sides in an outdoor setting with plenty of covered seating. This makes it perfect for big families with kids to get a quick, hearty meal in before heading back out to enjoy the atmosphere of Bugs Bunny Boom Town. 

The fried chicken here is fantastic. It's crunchy, well seasoned, and juicy -everything fried chicken should be. The sides are also pretty solid, with passable mashed potatoes and soft, moist bread rolls. The price for a 4 piece meal with 2 sides is just around $200 MXN, which is a decent value since it can be shared between 2 people easily. Over all, this eatery is just a great all-around choice for a quick, hearty meal at this theme park.

6. Tacotitlan

Location: Pueblo Mexicano
Traditional Mexican food at a theme park in Mexico City is probably a no-brainer, and Tacotitlan is one of our favorite places to fill these cravings. This casual taco food joint is located in Pueblo Mexicano, right across from the super popular Superman Ultimate Escape ride, so it's hard to miss.

The tacos here are the most popular items ordered, but they also have great tortas, alambres, and gringa. Our recommendations are the tacos campechanos with bistec and the tortas pastor. They really hit the spot on a busy park day and are quick and cheap -a winning combination!

7. La Antigua Hacienda

Location: Pueblo Mexicano
Another favorite of ours in Pueblo Mexicano is La Antigua Hacienda. It's the 2nd full service sit-down restaurant at Six Flags México, and it serves up delicious traditional Mexican cuisine in a fun fiesta-like atmosphere. It's right at the entrance to the park, so it's best for breakfast or dinner, since it's far away from most of the other attractions.

This restaurant prides itself on its sopas, like its Sopa De Tortilla or Sopa Azteca. It's certainly much more traditional than the quicker food items served at Tacotitlan. You can also expect a much slower paced meal, as the food is cooked fresh. You can still have yourself some tacos by ordering meats like carne asada that come with handmade tortillas and sides. For breakfast, they serve classics like huevos al gusto and chilaquiles. The menu here is fairly large and fun to explore, so it's worth having more than one meal at this restaurant.

8. La Parilla Vaquera

Location: Pueblo Vaquero
La Parilla Vaquera is one of the branded Six Flags restaurants that serves up the typical burger & fries menu, so it's nothing super special. However, this location is great since it has low lines, plenty of seating, and the burgers here seem to be more fresh than at the other locations in the park. The fries are not bad either. It's certainly not a fancy meal, but it's a good value and it's tasty, and that's honestly one of the best things you can get when you're looking for theme park food. 
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