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Six Flags Magic Mountain is a coaster lover's dream, is a bit difficult to get around, and is a bit difficult to get to. We have a love-hate relationship with this park because of all the strong pros and heavy cons that pull us in each direction. Still, it's definitely worth checking out if you have an extra day free and you're nearby.

The rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain are truly what make the park a joy to visit. This park has one of the best varieties of rides we've seen in a Six Flags park (although we've only been to 3 as of August 2022). Are there tons of rides for your little ones who need something mild and fun? Yes! Are there rides for the whole family to enjoy that are a little more thrilling but not crazy enough to scare off grandma and grandpa? Yes! Are there insanely wild coasters that will take you through 7 loops in a row? Yes! There's really something for everyone to ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

As for the food, it really varies. The park has some fantastic food that we think about often, but it also has some lackluster and low quality food that you should avoid. For the best food in the park, stay near the entrance at Six Flags Plaza. If you do venture into the park, check out Ace O' Clubs for BBQ, Twisted 'Wiches for delicious giant sandwiches, and Food Etc for acai bowls, tacos, salads, Asian cuisine, and more.

There are a few downsides to the park that we do want to point out. First and foremost: the park is FAR. It's far from Los Angeles. In traffic, it can take an hour or longer to get there (which we know isn't too bad for LA). However, if you're not in west LA, expect to take closer to an hour and a half to two hours to get there if there's no traffic.

Also, the park is hilly. You're constantly going up slopes and down pathways and taking stairs and going here and there. It's not so noticeable near the front of the park, but you'll find yourself wheezing once you're deep into Six Flags Magic Mountain (unless you're an avid hiker). That makes this park a difficult one for those in wheelchairs - in particular for those in manual wheelchairs.
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Coaster Fans
Like most Six Flags parks, Magic Mountain was made for coaster fans and families. The rides perfectly suit those demographics. We'd argue that it's also great for date weekends, especially if you're a passholder, where you'll get a solid value on your ticket.
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$200 USD
(per day, based on a 1 day trip)
Unless you plan on staying at a nearby hotel, we recommend just doing a single day trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Daily tickets range from $85 to $120, depending on the day and season. Parking is a steep $40 per vehicle for general parking, so it's helpful to split the cost if you're carpooling. Food at the park is fairly reasonably priced, as and the merchandise can be cheap. Premium rides and carnival games are pricey, however, so those will take a hit on your wallet.
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Feb - Apr
Aug - Oct
Because of its distance from the main city center of Los Angeles and because of the many competing theme parks in the city, Six Flags Magic Mountain usually doesn't get crazy busy. Toward the beginning of the school year in Southern California, the park tends to die down. Attendance picks back up in September and October for the Halloween events, but the weather is also nicer during those times. Early in the year is also pretty peaceful while still having decent weather to enjoy the park.

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