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Boardwalk is one of those lands in between other lands that you just walk through to get to somewhere else. It does boast its own ride and restaurant, both of which aren't bad, but they're not as attractive as the other offerings at Six Flags Magic Mountain. There are also a variety of carnival games to play, if you don't mind spending some big bucks in order to even participate. 

Top 3 Things to do in Boardwalk

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Ride Crazanity
As the only ride in this land, it defaults to being one of the must-do attractions at Boardwalk. However, the ride itself is pretty thrilling if you're not afraid of heights and don't get dizzy easily.
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Grab a milkshake at Johnny Rockets
One of the best food items at Johnny Rockets is undoubtedly the milkshakes! These are creamy, thick, and perfect for a hot summer day at a theme park.
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Play a Carnival Game
The price for playing carnival games at Six Flags Magic Mountain is steep, but one or two won't hurt that much, and you may go home with a nice prize for your efforts!

Food & Drinks

Johnny Rockets
Burgers, Chicken, Shakes
Price: $15 - $25
A restaurant stopped in time, Johnny Rockets is an adorable American style diner. They serve burgers and chicken strips with the side choices of fries or onion rings. If you're feeling up for a sweet treat then grab yourself a milkshake! The kids meals here come in themed cardboard boxes and a bunch of healthier sides. The burgers and fries are just okay - nothing to write home about.
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Rides & Attractions


Relaxing (Slow with Little or No Elevation Changes) | Mild (Slow to Moderately Fast with Potentially Higher Elevation)

Thrilling (Fast with Potential High Elevations & Loops) | Wild (Intense Speeds, Extreme Heights, and/or Loops)
Height: 52"
Intensity Level: Wild
Move yourself left to right at extreme speeds on the biggest pendulum swing on the West Coast! This attraction stands at 170' in the air and swings you up to 75 mph. Hold on tight or find yourself in another zip code! Although this ride tends to attract big crowds, the high capacity ensures the line moves pretty quickly.
Carnival Games
Height: N/A
Intensity Level: N/A
True to its theme, a boardwalk always has to have some carnival games! With colorful stands of enticing prizes, you're bound to be tempted to play something as you walk through Boardwalk's carnival game area. It's also perfect for those who are waiting for those in line to ride nearby CraZanity. The cost per play is pretty steep though, so just make sure to keep that in mind if you love these types of games.
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