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Thrill Seeker Park

Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Thrill Seeker Park is the perfect place for your kids to experience the true fun of a theme park. All the rides are a mild intensity and require a stature of at least 36”. Some rides you can accompany your tykes and others they get to venture alone! This section of the park is great if your energy level is falling but your kids aren’t. The area is a win-win because It’s a relaxing time for you and an exciting time for them.

Top 3 Things to do in Thrill Seeker Park

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Eat at Little Kidz Cafe
The food at this cafe is geared toward little ones, but it's still pretty delicious and great to snack on while the kids enjoy the nearby rides. The tenders and waffle fries are our recommendation!
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Ride the Streamliner Coaster
Sometimes it's nice to get on a coaster without loops or fast speeds or daring turns. This relaxing kids coaster is a nice, quick ride to get you off your feet for a bit. It's also a great introduction to coasters for younger theme park fans.
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Explore the Pirate Ship Play Zone
This is definitely more of a to-do for children, but if you have them, it's really a great spot for you to rest and for them to use their imaginations. You can also grab food at the Little Kidz Cafe while you wait.

Food & Drinks

Little Kidz Cafe
Chicken Tenders, Fries
Price: $5 - $12
A solid choice to satisfy the kids' appetites! The cafe offers some tasty chicken tenders and a side of delicious criss-cut fries. Add a drink and they'll be set with a full belly and more energy to adventure throughout the park!

Rides & Attractions


Relaxing (Slow with Little or No Elevation Changes) | Mild (Slow to Moderately Fast with Potentially Higher Elevation)

Thrilling (Fast with Potential High Elevations & Loops) | Wild (Intense Speeds, Extreme Heights, and/or Loops)
Height: Min. 36"
Intensity Level: Mild
A cute ride for the kiddos, Buckarooz will give them a fun up and down! They'll be seated on a 5 person bench and slowly go up to 20' in the air. In the descent, they'll bounce up and down and will come off the ride as the bravest cowboys.
Pirate Ship Play Zone
Height: 36" alone
Intensity Level: N/A
This colorful play area is a great spot for kids to run and climb and release all their pent up energy. They can run around on board the ship and play pirates, or explore the underwater rocks to find sea friends to meet. The area is also partially shaded, which is nice, and there are a few seating areas nearby for the adults to relax in.
Rambling Road
Height: Under 36" w/adult
Intensity Level: Relaxing
Take a ride with your kids through a beautiful park! Each car unit holds up to 4 riders and you get to steer but if you forget don't worry because there's a rail to guide you all along! This is a lovely little ride to give your kids the driving and exploring experience.
Streamliner Coaster
Height: Min 36"
Intensity Level: Mild
A small coaster for the small riders! Streamliner Coaster offers thrills catered to the kids with its 278' track with dips and curves to get them going. Maybe they'll get hooked to the coaster lifestyle after this one.
Up Up & Away
Height: Under 42" w/adult
Intensity Level: Mild
Bring your child to go Up, Up & Away! They can choose their favorite fruit and watch as they float up to 43' in the air. There are 8 ride units to pick from and each unit can fit up to 4 riders so grab your friends and fly away!
Zoom Jets
Height: 36" w/adult, 48" alone
Intensity Level: Mild
Give your little ones the rocket experience with Zoom Jets. This ride has up to 4 riders per rockets and once you're secured it's up in the air you go! Pilots get to decide how high or low they go on this interactive adventure.
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