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Six Flags Fiesta Texas is San Antonio's largest theme park, with over 200 acres of restaurants, rides, and attractions for coaster fans, families, and theme park lovers to enjoy. The theme park is located in the suburbs of San Antonio and is easily accessible by car from anywhere in the city. There are 7 distinct lands in the park, each with its own theme, rides, and eateries to explore. The park features characters from the DC Universe and Looney Tunes, with food and rides themed around those popular pop culture icons.

Like most Six Flags theme parks, the coasters are this park's main ride attractions. In particular, SUPERMAN: Krypton Coaster, BATMAN: The Ride, WONDERWOMAN: Golden Lasso, Goliath, and Poltergeist bring guests to the park year after year. New coasters are often introduced to the park as well, including Dr. Diabolical's Cliffhanger, which opened in 2022. Also like other Six Flags theme parks, there are plenty of rides for younger children to enjoy, including a land dedicated to kids.

The food at Six Flags Fiesta Texas is okay overall. Most eateries offering the typical burger, chicken tenders, and fries meals, but there are also some more unique offerings in the park. In particular, Old Blues Barbeque offers some Texas style BBQ options, Sangerfest Halle in Spassburg offers sandwiches and calzones, and the two funnel cake locations in the park offer some of the BEST funnel cakes we've ever had. In general, we recommend enjoying snacks, desserts, and a lunch at the park, but save dinner for a better quality meal elsewhere.

All in all, this theme park is a solid Six Flags location to visit and we recommend it to anyone visiting San Antonio who's craving a theme park experience. Single day tickets are fairly priced, and there are often specials to be found either directly through Six Flags or third parties like Groupon. Be sure not to miss out on a funnel cake when you visit!
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Thrill Seekers
Six Flags Fiesta Texas has an abundance of thrilling rides to satisfy those who love the adrenaline rush. They're also continuing to add more exciting rides to the roster, with Dr. Diabolical's Cliffhanger scheduled to open soon! On the opposite end of the spectrum, the park has plenty of calm rides, made specifically for children or families. This makes the park great for the whole family to enjoy, since it's likely there'll be rides for everyone.
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$115 USD
(per day, based on a 3 day trip)
Although the park can certainly be done in a single day, we recommend 2 days to be able to take your time and try more places, enjoy some attractions multiple times, and not feel rushed. If you intend on visiting the the park for more than 2 days this year, it's cheaper to get the season pass.

Food is on par with average theme park pricing, which is about $15 - $22 per meal and about $5 - $10 for snacks. The restaurants at Six Flags Fiesta Texas aren't exactly exciting though, so we recommend eating outside the park when you can.
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Jan - Mar
Sep- Nov
Winter generally means lower crowds at this park, especially since White Water Bay, the water park area, is closed. There's also the Mari Gras Festival, which happens in early February every year and brings more unique food and entertainment to the park.

Fall is also generally a slower time in the park, with the exception of Halloween. However, it's worth the slightly higher crowds to enjoy the Halloween festivities at the park when they do come along.

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