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Rockville is a busy, exciting portion of Six Flags Fiesta Texas that's full of rides and eateries to keep you occupied for hours. The overall vibe is classic 60's-70's, which is charming in itself. There are plenty of spots to get great photos, plenty of spots to get some shade and rest, and plenty to see and do in between the photos and rest stops.

There's an interesting combination of wild rides and family-friendly rides in Rockville. Some of the more popular ones include WONDER WOMAN: Golden Lasso, BATMAN: The Ride, and Poltergeist, the terrifying, haunted mansion-themed ride. On the opposite end of the spectrum are Taz's Tornado and Daffy's School Bus Express, rides which seem like they'd fit better elsewhere in the park. At least there's something for everyone in this land!

Top 3 Things to do in Rockville

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Ride WONDER WOMAN: Golden Lasso
This is one of the most popular rides at Six Flags Fiesta Texas for a good reason: it's a wild, wonderful time! This isn't a great family coaster, but for all the other coaster fans out there -this one is one you shouldn't miss!
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Ride Poltergeist
This park has a ton of great coasters and Poltergeist is near the top of our favorites list due to is unique concept. You start off in a haunted house and then go careening off into the air as the coaster spins and twists you down its wild track. 
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Grab a fries and a shake at Pete's Eats
There's nothing better than grabbing a fries and shake after enjoying the wild rides in Rockville. The shakes are creamy and delicious, and the fries are crunchy and seasoned well. For those who are a little more hungry, you can grab a burger too!

Food & Drinks

Bee Bops
Popcorn, Pretzels, Drinks
Price: $5 - $10
Bee Bops is another snack stand that offers pretzels, popcorn, ice cream, and drinks. It's usually not very busy, so it's great to grab a quick snack before heading to your next destination.
Blue Showman Soft Serve
Soft Serve
Price: $5 - $10
The blue soft serve is this restaurant's featured item and it's pretty tasty. The flavor is very light -barely different than the regular vanilla soft serve- blue the blue color is pretty and potentially instagram-worthy.
Funnel Cakes
Price: $5 - $15
If you skipped the funnel cakes at the front of the park and now find yourself craving something sweet, don't miss out on some of the best funnel cakes you'll ever have at Funnel*liscious. Sure, the name isn't doing it any favors, but the funnel cakes here are the BEST! You can't go wrong with any flavor. Also, you'll definitely want to share, as these are pretty large (so standard funnel cake size).
Kona Ice
Shaved Ice
Price: $5 - $10
This cute little shaved ice truck is perfect for a quick snack to cool you down. The line, if there is any, moves pretty quickly, and the flavor options are fantastic. This is particularly great to snack on if you're not super hungry but want something to enjoy while waiting in line for your next ride.
Pete's Eats
Burgers, Fries, Shakes
Price: $8 - $15
This charming 60's-themed diner is a groovy place to grab a lunch or dinner at the park. You can get cozy in their classic plastic booths as you munch down on a burger. Sometimes there can be a bit of a long wait, as this restaurant is pretty popular. On particularly hot days though, the shakes here are well worth the wait.
Pit Stop
Price: $5 - $10
If you're thirsty and need a refill, Pit Stop is a quick and convenient place to fill up. They really only offer drinks here, so the line moves quickly.
Primo's Pizzeria
Pizza and Pasta
Price: $8 - $15
There's decent pizza and there's A/C. What more could you ask for? Primo's is also great if you want to stay near the action during festivals and events at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. They usually set up stages and booths in the plaza area just outside this restaurant.
Nachos, Hot Dogs, Pretzels
Price: $5 - $10
The Snackville food station is perfect if you just want to grab something small to nibble on while you're going from one ride to another. You can refill on drinks or grab a jumbo pretzel or hot dog. The line is also usually pretty short compared to other nearby eateries.

Rides & Attractions


Relaxing (Slow with Little or No Elevation Changes) | Mild (Slow to Moderately Fast with Potentially Higher Elevation)

Thrilling (Fast with Potential High Elevations & Loops) | Wild (Intense Speeds, Extreme Heights, and/or Loops)
BATMAN: The Ride
Height: Min. 48"
Intensity Level: Thrilling
Experience the man of bats himself through 4D in this exciting coaster. Riders ride through two vertical drops over the course of this 12-story hill. You'll be flipped to experience the flight of a bat so hold on!
Carnival Games
Height: N/A
Intensity Level: N/A
There is a small section of carnival games in Rockville that's similar to the other carnival areas in the rest of Six Flags Fiesta Texas. You can win some great prizes while you test your skills at these classic games!
Height: N/A
Intensity Level: N/A
These fun caricature portraits are one of the more unique souvenirs you can bring home from the park. The artists can work from a live sitting or from a phone picture, so you don't necessarily need to be there to get a caricature made of yourself. You can even bring home one of a friend who couldn't make it to the park with you!
Daffy's School Bus Express
Height: 42" alone | Over 54" w/child
Intensity Level: Mild
Come and board the bus with the kids! Daffy has stopped by Rockville and his bus is the best in town. It'll take riders up, down, around and around to see some unique views of the park. Adults, be sure to have a child with you as this school bus is particularly for little riders.
Face Paint & Henna
Height: N/A
Intensity Level: N/A
If you'd like to get some temporary body art while at the park, look no further than the Face Paint & Henna stations at Rockville! These talented artists can help you plan out and execute your dream henna or face paint ideas.
Height: Min. 36"
Intensity Level: Mild
Hustler is a classic spin-and-spin theme park ride. Each of the 12 pool balls can fit out five people so bring the whole family! Grab the wheel and spin to your heart's content.
Height: Min. 54"
Intensity Level: Wild
What starts as a haunted house of sorts quickly becomes a thrilling rollercoaster ride here at Poltergeist. The haunting feeling from the mansion will follow you to the coaster where launch is a quick 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds. A series of loops, spirals and rolls will make the ghost feel inescapable but worry not you will walk away unscathed.
Height: Min. 42"
Intensity Level: Thrilling
Scream is a giant drop tower at 205'; the vertical is nauseating. What makes the ride unique is the three different modes: Space Shot goes all the way up then bounces down, Turbo Drop slowly goes up then plummets and Combo mode does both. Something to check off the list for the common adrenaline junkie.
Taz's Tornado
Height: 42" alone | Under 54" w/child
Intensity Level: Relaxing
Meet up with Taz to enjoy one of his tornadoes! This air carousel ride is made for tykes and has tandem seating, so parents you can sit with your kids. Feel the breeze on your skin and enjoy the fun circles you'll make.
WONDER WOMAN: Golden Lasso
Height: Min. 48"
Intensity Level: Wild
Wonder Woman is able to boast that she has the first single rail coaster and it's here at Six Flag Fiesta Texas. There are 3 trains and 8 passengers per train. Get ready for a 90° drop, 3 inversions and who knows how many twists!
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