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LEGOLAND California is one of Southern California's best themed amusement parks that's made for families. The rides, shows, and attractions, were really created to be suitable for all ages, making this park very accessible. 

With only three roller coasters in the park, this is not the place to be if you're looking for thrills. The three coasters they do have are family friendly, yet still exciting enough to enjoy. Most rides are in vehicles that are meant for guests to relax and enjoy the various LEGO structures built around the park. There are two boat rides that are all about just enjoying the sets built from expert LEGO architects. There are also plenty of interactive rides to enjoy throughout the park. The rides at LEGOLAND California may not be thrilling, but they're by no means boring!

The park is colorful and welcoming, and also has so many opportunities for guests to exercise their imaginations. There are tons of opportunities to build boats, castles, and other structures throughout the park. You can even build LEGO character figures at the entrance to the park and trade them at designated trading locations during your visit.

LEGOLAND California has a much more calm feel than most other theme parks. There's plenty to see and do, with less pressure to rush from ride to ride. We can honestly say this is one of our favorite theme parks to visit in Southern California!
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LEGOLAND California's theming, rides, and activities were created for families with younger children, but it's also a fantastic place for anyone to be inspired and build whatever their heart desires (out of LEGOs, of course!). This isn't a park for thrill seekers - it's a park for those who love great theming, charming rides, and an atmosphere that encourages creativity.
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$180 USD
(per day, based on a 2 day trip)
Although LEGOLAND California can certainly be done in a single day, we recommend going for at least 2 days to be able to enjoy all the park has to offer without rushing. For 2 days, it's best to get the Silver Annual Pass, which includes admission to the park for a full year (with blackout dates).

The food at the park is priced fairly reasonably compared to most other theme parks. The souvenirs are also priced appropriately as well, so you'll be sure to get great value for your purchases here.
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Oct - Dec
Mar - May
The end of the year brings plenty of new events to LEGOLAND California, including their fun Brick-or-Treat days, which feature Halloween-themed shows, trick-or-treating, and special treats! Near Christmas, the park is decorated to make sure everyone feels the Christmas spirit when they're visiting.

Another great time to visit is in the spring, before the heat and the crowds arrive. Visiting on a super low crowd day means some restaurants may not be open, so you'll want to hit the sweet spot of still having enough crowds in the park to have all eateries and attractions be open while not being too crowded.


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