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Avast, ye hearties! Pirate Shores is an energetic land in the back of LEGOLAND California that offers a handful of wet attractions and some fantastic burgers. This land is perfect for those hot California summers, especially for visitors who don't mind getting a little (or a lot) wet! Nearly every ride will get you wet, but that's part of the fun. 

If you're looking to stay dry while still enjoying Pirate Shores, you can enjoy Captain Cranky's Challenge, stick to the carnival games, and grab food at the nearby Burger Kitchen.

Top 3 Things to do in Pirate Shores

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Partake in a Splash Battle
If you don't spend some time engaged in a battle on a pirate ship, did you even visit Pirate Shores? This is fun ride is one of our MUST-DO's at the park, especially when the weather is warm!
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Enjoy a relaxing lunch at Burger Kitchen
Burger Kitchen has some solid food options and even better seating options which overlook Miniland USA. It's our favorite spot for a laid-back lunch, since it tends to be a bit more quiet than the more popular restaurants around LEGOLAND California.
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Get soaked on Pirate Reef
If you're visiting the LEGOLAND Water Park anyway, you may as well get drenched at this fun little ride! Even if you're not visiting the water park, this is a great way to cool off on warmer days.

Food & Drinks

Burger Kitchen
Price: $15 - $25
Grab yourself a delicious burger and fries at the Burger Kitchen. There are also plenty of snacks and seasonal treats available at this eatery as well. The outdoor seating area has a fantastic view of Miniland USA and offers shaded seating. It can sometimes get a bit busy, but we've never had a problem finding a table at this restaurant.
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Rides & Attractions


Relaxing (Slow with Little or No Elevation Changes) | Mild (Slow to Moderately Fast with Potentially Higher Elevation)

Thrilling (Fast with Potential High Elevations & Loops) | Wild (Intense Speeds, Extreme Heights, and/or Loops)
Captain Cranky's Challenge
Height: 34"
Intensity Level: Mild
Feel the rock of the sea on Captain Cranky's Challenge! This boat doesn't only move back and forth but it also rotates. Just try not to get sea sick maties!
Pirate Reef
Height: 36"
Intensity Level: Mild
This ride is located at the back of Pirate Shores and is used for both LEGOLAND California and the LEGOLAND Water Park. That being said, there's an expectation that you will definitely get wet on this ride! The drop isn't very deep, so it's great for the whole family. The splash at the end is gigantic though, so prepare to get soaked!
Pirate Shore Games
Height: N/A
Intensity Level: N/A
The best part of being a pirate is getting all that treasure. The best place to get treasure at Pirate Shores is at the carnival games! If you get lucky (or are just THAT good), you can take home some great prizes.
Splash Battle
Height: 36"
Intensity Level: Mild
It's a pirate battle on these seas! Are you joining the blue or the red pirates? Once you're on your ship, it's a water battle: you against everyone else! Although you may not get soaked, you'll likely get at least a bit wet on this ride. The water cannons spray pretty far, so even bystanders can get soaked.
Swabbie's Deck
Height: N/A
Intensity Level: Relaxing
Swab the deck? Sure! At this water playground you can interact will fountains, jets and cannons. Make sure to bring a towel and a change of clothes!
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