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Fiesta Village at Knott's Berry Farm is themed as a festive Mexican with one main dining location and some beautifully themed rides. The land is currently undergoing a large renovation which is scheduled to be completed in 2023. We are hoping for the return of two dining locations, perhaps a revamped arcade or a new attraction, and the return of the plaza stage. It's usually one of the less busy lands in the park, but it can still get pretty crowded in the summer months, especially by the rail crossing area that leads to Boardwalk.

With the exception of the Merry Go Round and Hat Dance, the rides at Fiesta Village are more on the thrilling side. Jaguar! is a popular coaster that's meant for the whole family to enjoy as it takes guests on a journey through Fiesta Village. Dragon Swing is a more traditional boat swing ride, but it can get pretty high at the peaks.

The food at Fiesta Village is currently wanting as a large portion of the land is under construction. There are Mexican favorites at the Cantina. Food lines at this location tend to be shorter than elsewhere, so it's great to swing by if you're hungry and there's long lines at other locations.

Top 3 Things to do in Fiesta Village

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Ride Jaguar
This family coaster is a thrilling ride through Fiesta Village that actually goes through some of the other rides in the park. It's exciting but not overly wild, and the line usually moves fairly quickly. We recommend hitting this ride at the beginning of the day or toward lunch time before it gets too crowded in Fiesta Village.
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Eat at the Cantina
Tacos, nachos, and burritos are the specialty at this restaurant. It's a great hidden gem that's tucked away behind all the construction going on at the Fiesta Village, so it's not as busy as the other nearby eateries. We recommend the nachos topped with asada for a delicious meal to share!
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Ride La Revolucion
This popular spinner ride swings you back and forth as it spins. It's just thrilling enough to be fun, but not too intense that you'll end up losing your lunch. It's also a nice ride to dry yourself off with after a water ride.

Food & Drinks

Burritos, Nachos, Tacos
Price: $10 - $20
Previously called Victoria's Cantina, the Cantina has favorite Mexican dishes like to enjoy by the Fiesta Plaza stage and the Ferris Wheel. The meals are large enough to share if you're not super hungry, and they taste pretty solid for being in an amusement park.
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Rides & Attractions


Relaxing (Slow with Little or No Elevation Changes) | Mild (Slow to Moderately Fast with Potentially Higher Elevation)

Thrilling (Fast with Potential High Elevations & Loops) | Wild (Intense Speeds, Extreme Heights, and/or Loops)
Dragon Swing
Height: 48" alone | 42" w/adult
Intensity Level: Mild
Dragon Swing is hidden behind the WaveSwinger and Hat Dance rides, so it's often missed. It's a traditional boat swing ride that reaches high in the air, giving riders that funny stomach feeling. Because of its location, the lines tend to be shorter here than at other rides, but the ride itself is fun!
Hat Dance
Height: 42" alone | 36" w/adult
Intensity Level: Mild
Pick your sombrero and mug and spin away to your heart's content on this charming take on the traditional teacup ride. The colorful Mexican mugs are beautifully decorated and make for lovely photos before your ride. There's also usually never a wait, and the ride itself lasts a good long while.
Height: 48"
Intensity Level: Thrilling
This family coaster winds and loops itself through a few other rides at Knott's Berry Farm, giving you a rather thrilling tour of some of the park's attractions. The ride is not particularly fast or scary, so it's great for the whole (older) family to enjoy. It's one of the most popular rides in Fiesta Village, but the lines tend to stay pretty reasonable, even during busy hours.
La Revolucion
Height: 48"
Intensity Level: Thrilling
La Revolucion is a thrilling pendulum-like ride that also spins passengers as it swings. It starts off pretty mild before slowly bringing riders higher and higher -over 6 stories high! If you enjoy that weird feeling in your stomach during high swing rides, this is one you have to try!
Merry Go Round
Height: 46" alone | under 46" w/adult
Intensity Level: Relaxing
This charming classic is one of the world's oldest working Dentzel carousels. The animals on this carousel range from pigs to tigers to ostriches and even lions and tigers -and of course, horses and more! Although the animals are rather well-loved, it gives the merry go round a more antique feel as opposed to being in like-new condition.
Montezooma's Revenge
Height: 48"
Intensity Level: Thrilling
This thrilling but quick ride blasts you through a seven-story loop once forward and then backwards. It takes riders from 0 to 55 miles per hour in under 5 seconds on a pretty straightforward track. Because it's such a quick ride, the line tends to move quickly. It's an easy ride to check off the list while you visit Fiesta Village.
Note: This ride is currently undergoing a renovation!
Sol Spin
Height: 54"
Intensity Level: Thrilling
This topsy turvy thrill ride seats guests in one of six spinning arms that rotate independently throughout the ride. The larger ride itself spins while the arms rotate 360 degrees, flipping guests through the air in a whirlwind of different directions. We don't recommend eating right before this ride!
Height: 42"
Intensity Level: Mild
WaveSwinger is a traditional amusement park ride that's been loved by all for years and years. Grab a swing and sail 40 feet above the ground as you go round and round under a canopy of elaborate murals. In the evening, the tower and canopy of this ride are lit up, which make it just a little more magical!
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