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Boardwalk is one of our favorite lands at Knott's Berry Farm. It has a beachy, relaxed atmosphere, but it also offers some fantastic thrills and delicious food options. The land extends to Charleston Circle and also includes Knott's Bear-y Tales, the most interactive (and possibly the most charming) ride in the park. The Charleston Circle area feels very different than the rest of Boardwalk, but the transition is actually quite nice and there's not enough in the Charleston Circle area to warrant it being a different land.

Boardwalk's restaurants are some of the busiest in the park -and not without good reason! Coaster's Diner and Boardwalk BBQ offer some of the best quality food you can find at Knott's without having to sit down in a formal restaurant atmosphere. The land also includes Johnny Rockets, which is a classic theme park eatery for quick burgers and fries.

The intense rides at Boardwalk include Xcelerator and Hang Time, which boasts the steepest coaster drop in all of California at 96 degrees. Just looking at the tracks can make some folks feel a little woozy! The more relaxed rides include Coast Rider, which offers a lovely view of the surrounding land while it curves in and out to mimic driving on the California coast. Knott's Bear-y Tales: Return to the Fair is also a popular ride with a gaming aspect that includes shooting pies on a moving 3D ride. No matter what attractions you enjoy, Boardwalk is definitely a great part of the amusement park to spend an entire afternoon in the California sunshine.

Top 3 Things to do in Boardwalk

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Ride Hang Time
Hang Time is undoubtedly one of the most sensational rides at the park, but it's also a pretty unique one for Southern California. It's the only dive coaster in California and includes mid-air suspensions and inversions that will delight thrill seekers! This ride does tend to have plenty of down time, so if you see it available, take the opportunity!
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Eat at Boardwalk BBQ
Boardwalk BBQ has some of the best food in all of Knott's Berry Farm. The menu offers rotisserie chicken, sausages, meatballs (our favorite), pulled pork, a variety of mac and cheese, cornbread, and so much more. The serving sizes are large enough to share and are a great value, especially if you have a Dining Plan included with your ticket!
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Ride Knott's Bear-Y Tales
Knott's Bear-Y Tales: Return to the Fair is  arguably the best themed ride in the park. The queue line takes you through a pie factory with tons of clever details to discover. The ride itself is also pretty fun, allowing you and your party to help recover stolen boysenberry pies by blasting jelly at Crafty Coyote and his pups.

Food & Drinks

Boardwalk BBQ
BBQ & Southern Food
Price: $10 - $20
Our favorite restaurant at Knott's Berry Farm, this restaurant serves up tasty BBQ options with a bunch of options for sides. The food is served cafeteria-style, which means you go through and pick out which food you like while a server plates it on the other side of the counter. The lines move pretty quickly because of this system, so don't be discouraged if you see a line out the door. The outdoor seating at this restaurant is great for people-watching and just being able to enjoy the general atmosphere of Boardwalk. The serving sizes are large, so they're great for sharing. This restaurant is also included in the dining plan, which makes it an even better value! It's just a great overall place to eat during your time in the park.
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Charleston Circle Coffee
Coffee & Snacks
$5 - $10
If you just want a cup o' Joe while you're trekking through the park, Charleston Circle Coffee is your best bet. The line can get a bit long, but it tends to move quickly. The coffee is pretty solid, since it serves Starbucks coffee. They have a unique Boysenberry Latte that's definitely worth a try. The pastries they serve are fresh and relatively cheap as well.
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Coaster's Diner
Burgers & Shakes
Price: $10 - $20
This charming 50's-themed diner is the place to go for creative burgers, classic chicken tenders, and thick shakes at Knott's Berry Farm. Their seasonal milkshakes are always worth a gander (our favorite is the classic Boysenberry Shake) and the burgers are the best in the park. Look out for limited edition food as well, such as the Ode to Cordelia burger which features 2 donuts as the buns on a chicken burger. There's also the Xcelerator burger, which has a 12" patty!
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Dippin' Dots
Dippin' Dots Ice Cream
Price: $5 - $10
Located just across from Supreme Scream, this stand offers guests a variety of Dippin' Dots ice cream flavors. It's a great snack for those hot summer days, especially when you're waiting in a long line for the nearby popular attractions.
Johnny Rockets
Burgers & Shakes
Price: $10 - $15
Johnny Rockets is Johnny Rockets. It's a classic theme park eatery that focuses on burgers, fries, and shakes. The food quality is consistent and decent, and it can be a rather nostalgic experience. It's what we call an oldie but a goodie.
Prop Shop Pizzeria
Pizza, Pasta, Pastries
Price: $10 - $20
This newly built pizzeria replaced the old Hollywood Hits Pizza in the summer of 2022. It features build-your-own pastas, pizza, calzones, salads, and an assortment of dessert treats including cookies, cakes, tiramisu, and more! The restaurant is clean and sleek, with covered outdoor seating in the back. Since it is new, it tends to be pretty busy, and seating can be difficult to find. The food is pretty solid, however -especially the desserts!
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Rides & Attractions


Relaxing (Slow with Little or No Elevation Changes) | Mild (Slow to Moderately Fast with Potentially Higher Elevation)

Thrilling (Fast with Potential High Elevations & Loops) | Wild (Intense Speeds, Extreme Heights, and/or Loops)
Boardwalk Arcade
Height: N/A
Intensity Level: N/A
The Boardwalk Arcade is tucked away next to the Knott's Bear-Y Tales ride and is actually where riders end up upon exiting the ride. It's a moderately sized arcade, with classics like air hockey, crane games, and basketball shooters. Even on the busiest park days, the arcade never tends to get too busy, so it's a great escape from crowds.
Boardwalk BBQ Stage
Height: N/A
Intensity Level: N/A
At the patio of Boardwalk BBQ, the Boardwalk BBQ Stage hosts live performances toward the afternoon and evenings for guests to enjoy as they munch on the restaurant's delicious offerings. The band changes every so often, so you'll get to enjoy something new if you return!
Boardwalk Carnival Games
Height: N/A
Intensity Level: N/A
Carnival game booths line the walkways between Boardwalk BBQ and Coaster's Diner, giving guests plenty to see and do in that area. The prizes are fairly decent, although the games themselves can be pricey to play. Guests will need to load up a game card at a card machine (located all over Boardwalk) and then use the loaded funds to play at the stalls.
Coast Rider
Height: 54" alone | 44" w/adult
Intensity Level: Thrilling
This ride mimics the feel of coasting down the California coast with its twists, turns, and spins. There's one medium drop at the beginning of the ride, but the rest of the ride is mild. It offers a great view of the surrounding Boardwalk area and lasts longer than most coasters at the park with a ride time of about 2 minutes and 30 seconds. It's a great family coaster that everyone can enjoy without having to worry about it being too thrilling or too mild!
Hang Time
Height: 48" min | 77" max
Intensity Level: Wild
California's only dive coaster features 5 inversions and a 150-foot vertical lift that takes guests on a wild ride. This ride is not for the faint of heart, as it has a 96 degree drop and reaches speeds of up to 57 mph. You'll really feel like you're riding the wave of your life on this long and winding track!
Knott's Bear-Y Tales: Return to the Fair
Height: 46" alone | under 46" w/adult
Intensity Level: Mild
This is a 4-D interactive dark ride that takes guests through a pie factory, forest, woods, and other scenes as they head toward the county fair. The story goes that Crafty Coyote and his pups are stealing the boysenberry pies for themselves and that you must try to save the pies by shooting the coyotes with your jelly blaster. The scenes are intricate and charming, and it makes for a fun competition with everyone in your car.
Pacific Scrambler
Height: 48" alone | 36" w/adult
Intensity Level: Mild
On the pier, Pacific Scrambler spins riders round and round and round for 3 entire minutes! It's a classic carnival-style ride with wait times that are usually low. This ride should definitely be avoided right after a big meal.
Sky Cabin
Height: 46" alone | under 46" w/adult
Intensity Level: Relaxing
The Sky Cabin is essentially a 360 degree elevator ride that offers a panoramic view of the nearby city. It ascends slowly over 180 feet in the air, so it makes for a pretty relaxing ride. The windows are scratched up and foggy, so the view isn't as clear as it could be, which is unfortunate.
Supreme Scream
Height: 52"
Intensity: Wild
This ride is a classic for thrill seekers and offers a fantastic view of the park for a few moments while you're at the top. You go up 252 feet into the air. Then you plummet all the way down in 3 seconds, reaching up to 50 mph!
Surfside Gliders
Height: 44" alone | 36" w/adult
Intensity Level: Mild
On the pier, Surfside Gliders allows guests to pilot their own glider as it sails above the Boardwalk area. Guests can choose to move their vehicle higher or lower using the fin in the front. It's another ride that offers great views of the park without having to commit to a long line or the more thrilling drop at Coast Rider.
Walter Knott Theater
Height: N/A
Intensity: N/A
This beautiful theater hosts a variety of performances in the theme park throughout the year, including the Knott's Merry Farm  and Knott's Scary Farm celebrations. It's not open every day, but the signage near Wheeler Dealer Bumper Cars will have times if there are going to be shows. You can also check the Knott's Berry Farm app for show times during your visit!
Wheeler Dealer Bumper Cars
Height: 48" alone | 42" w/adult
Intensity Level: Mild
A carnival classic, these bumper cars allow guests to strap in and speed away on a circular track where crashing is part of the fun. There's loud music playing, speed demons on the outer lanes, and always a few cars headed in the wrong direction.
Height: 52"
Intensity Level: Wild
This high-octane coaster mimics the thrill of racing for "pinks" as you zoom through the track at up to 82 mph! It has a terrifying 90 degree drop that pushes you through the rest of the track at record speed. Lines for this ride can get pretty long, and waits in the summer sometimes pass 2 or 3 hours. We recommend going early in the morning or visiting the theme park on slow days to avoid the wait.
Note: This ride has been down for a long period of time.
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