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Best Vegan Food Meals at Knott's Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm
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Article By: Dani Ruben
Last Updated: August 12, 2022
As charming and amusing as Knott's Berry Farm is, vegan guests may find it difficult to find suitable meals during their visit. Although the theme park has begun to offer more vegan food options, especially during their special events, not every location at the park offers those options. Here's our list of favorite vegan options at the park, so you can spend less time worrying about what and where to eat and spend more time enjoying Knott's!

Although there are options like fruit cups and packaged snacks that are technically vegan and available at the park, we've narrowed our list down to just items that can be considered full meals. Here are the best vegan food meals at Knott's Berry Farm:

1. Vegan Tenders

Location: Sutter's Grill, Grizzly Creek Lodge, or Coaster's Diner
These vegan tenders are fantastic! We like them so much better than the regular chicken tenders available at Knott's. These tenders have a fine crumb and are seasoned well. The batter to tender ratio is perfect, and they have a crispy texture to them that's not too hard. 

It's also nice that they're available at multiple locations throughout the park, so you're never far from a location that serves these. These will always be our number one choice for a vegan food meal at Knott's Berry Farm.

2. Vegan Cauliflower Veggie Pizza

Location: Prop Shop Pizzeria
The cauliflower pizza at Prop Shop is a great new vegan food meal at Knott's Berry Farm that feels like it was actually planned and not just added last minute to give vegan guests an option. The pizza itself is tasty, with vegan cheese and a bunch of vegetables on top. To us, it tastes just like a regular vegetarian pizza with a slightly different cheese. 

Pizza slice meals generally come with a side salad as well, but the side salad is a premade Caesar salad that's topped with cheese. You can always ask the staff to make you a fresh salad without cheese and then choose your own packet of dressing near the register.

3. Vegan Dog

Location: Coaster's Diner
This vegan dog used to be available on the menu at Fiesta Dogs, but you can also get it at Coaster's Diner if you ask.  The vegan dog itself tastes just okay, and the vegan bun it comes in is fine. If you add in the toppings and any vegan sauces of your choice, you can improve this meal quite a bit.

4. Impossible Burger Protein Style

Location: Johnny Rocket's
The Impossible Burger at Johnny Rocket's is meant to be a vegetarian option, but if you choose to have it protein style (wrapped in lettuce instead of with a bun) and ask them to hold the sauces, the burger easily becomes a vegan food meal. The patty itself is not bad, but the thick lettuce bun can be overwhelming. It's also dry if you choose not to add any additional sauces to it, so we recommend adding a vegan mayo or ketchup to it. This burger is also really difficult to eat without making a huge mess. Be prepared with plenty of napkins!

5. Vegan Pizza

Location: Grizzly Creek Lodge, Sutter's Pizza, Wagon Wheel Pizza
This vegan pizza option is available at all the pizza locations around the park with the exception of Prop Shop Pizzeria, since it has its own vegan pizza. This is a cauliflower crust pizza topped with a vegan "cheese" of sorts. It's... edible. It's not great, but it's not horrible, either. We don't recommend it, with all the better vegan meal options at Knott's Berry Farm.

6. Veggie Burger

Location: Coaster's Diner
This burger tastes like cardboard. That was the first sentence out of Tim's mouth when we tasted it. It was also kind of sad to receive, since you have to order the burger without a bun to make it vegan (it was meant to be a vegetarian burger). Since Coaster's Diner has a salad bar where you can add your own toppings, our order just came out with the patty and the fries. We also weren't sure if the fries were vegan, so....there's that. Anyway -avoid this burger at all cost. Walk a few minutes down to Johnny Rocket's if you're craving a vegan burger and get their Impossible Burger protein style instead!

7. Honorable Mention: Avocado Toast w/o Mozzarella Cheese

Location: Ghost Town Bakery
This is actually listed as a sandwich at Ghost Town Bakery, but it's really just two slices of avocado toast with globs of mozzarella cheese and drizzled in balsamic. If you ask them to hold the cheese, this meal becomes a delicious vegan option, as far as we were told by the staff. It's huge, too, so it's perfect for sharing!

8. Honorable Mention: Jumbo Pretzels

Location: Pemmican Pickle or Cave Inn Snacks
The jumbo pretzels are available at a few locations around the park, and we were pleasantly surprised to find out they're vegan! These aren't really enough for a full regular meal, but they'd make a great snack.
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