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Karl's Erlebnisdorf in Elstal is an amazing park just outside of Berlin. With strawberry-themed foods and rides as well as plenty of education, this park is great for kids and adults ready to discover new things about agriculture.

What started off as a regular farm producing fruits and vegetables was turned by farmer Karl Dahl into a farm specialized in strawberry production. Eventually, due to the fortunate coincidence of a jam manufacturer opening up a new factory near their farm in Ostholstein.

This farming endeavor was continued until after the reunion of Germany in 1989 when cheaper alternatives for locally sourced strawberries became available to the manufacturer which forced them to close down one of their largest farms. A solution had to be found to compensate the loss of their main source of income. Fortunately Karl's granddaughter Ulrike came up with a solution. During a student exchange in England, she came up with the idea of selling the strawberries in little huts like lemonade stands which can be found all over Germany to this day.

Due to the success of these small and sympathetic sales spots all over town they were able to re-grow their profits and thrive which allowed them to re-open their farm in Rövershagen. Due to the vast increase in popularity Karl and his family were able to expand the farm, allowing them to sell more goods and eventually building attractions around it.

At this point they have managed to build a total of 5 major parks in and around Germany with more to come in the future.
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With a large variety of educational content on agriculture, Karl's is the perfect place for students of all ages. The rides and attractions are very tame, allowing kids and seniors alike to find enjoyment in the park. There's plenty to see and do and learn, so it's a great park for all who are growing.
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(per day)
If you plan on visiting more than just the park in Elstal, we would recommend you get the Karl's annual pass or subscription. The food in the park is generally very affordable as well as most of the souvenirs. If you prefer not to join in on any paid attractions you can go into the park for free and just enjoy the food and free attractions. This is particularly great for large families.
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May - Oct
The time between the end of spring and end of fall is generally recommended for strawberry enthusiasts to visit Karls as it is the duration of the strawberry season. During this time you will be able to buy fresh strawberries and strawberry-products. For people that are more sensitive to the colder temperatures it is recommended to visit Karl's during the summer months.

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