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Karl's Erlebnis-Dorf Food & Drinks

Karl's Erlebnis-Dorf - Elstal
Not only is the food at Karl's inexpensive but also some of the best theme park food we have ever gotten to taste. One of the first restaurants near the entrance at Karl's is the Hof Küche as it connects the entrance and Eiswelt with the rest of the park. We highly recommended trying the strawberry sandwich at this eatery, as it is one of the most delicious things you will find here.

All over the park you will find lovely little stands that serve snacks and a variety of meals, from burgers to potato chips to sausages and more. Should you be hungry after riding a couple of rounds on the K2 Achterbahn, you should certainly make a stop at the K2 Kartoffelchips-Restaurant. They serve a variety of potato chip bowls topped in a variety of savory options. As you are waiting for your food, feel free to let your kids climb around the jungle gym that takes up the entire center of the restaurant.

Top 3 Things to Eat at Karl's Erlebnis-Dorf

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Hof Küche
One of the best experiences at this park is the large buffet at the Hof Küche. They have a variety of food ranging from cereal over sandwiches to soups and desserts available for you to pick and choose for your meal. What is important to note is that it is recommended to put separately priced items in separate containers to make check-out as easy as picking strawberries. 
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K2 Kartoffel-Chips Restaurant
K2 Kartoffel-Chips serves up hot bowls of potato chips and your favorite toppings is a wonderful twist on the potato chip that is usually considered a snack item. These bowls will definitely be enough for up to two people and are great for sharing in groups.
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LKW Leker Karl's Wurst
At the LKW you will not only find tasty sausages and sauerkraut but also some really cute theming of the menu. The menu is filled with puns and references to farm equipment as well as fairly priced meals. The only downside that we found was that they serve the food without a plate which tends to be a little bit of a mess.

Food & Drinks

Price: 5€ - 15€
There is something whimsical in the air at this circus-style eatery. They serve burgers made with local meat and offer combos that add on fries and a drink. The burgers were pretty good and tasty, but what pulls this place together is the adorable theming.
Terminal E
Price: N/A
Sat right near the main entrance you will find Terminal E - a charming avaition themed eatery. The first floor is a beautifully themed space that people can sit at while they eat food from the nearby food places. The California Lounge is a private area on the 2nd floor that's used for private events.
Cafe Bar D'atitlan
Ice Cream, Pastries
Price: 5€ - 10€
Looking for a drink or a quick snack? This cute little cafe will you do just fine with an assortment of coffees, tears and pastries. Make sure to try the strawberry-cream coffee to get the true themed experience.
Price: 5€-15€
Pancakes are a treat that no one is immune to! Enjoy big, flat german-style pancakes with a variety of toppings. They're great for sharing and there are both sweet and savory options on the menu.
Dahli's Freak Bar
Price: 5€ - 10€
Sweets are always in season at Dahli's Freakbar. They serve Instagram-worthy donuts at their donut dessert bar along with ice cream. Snap some pictures, but not that the prices are a little higher for photogenics.
Eis Bar
Hot Chocolate, Cocktails
Price: 5€ - 15€
Enter this castle of ice located in Eiswelt to experience the true cold! There are hot drink options, like hot chocolate, to help warm you up, along with other traditional bar drinks. Take your cup and explore the super "cool" structure, just make sure not to spill!
Iss Wurst
Price: 5€ - 10€
Here at Iss Wurst you will find simple but tasty sausages. Counter service makes it easy access alongside the large seating area. Perfect for to satisfy the savory snackers.
K2 Kartoffelchips-Restaurant
Price: 5€ - 15€
This restaurant specializes in a favorite snack - potato chips! They serve huge portions, great for sharing between 2-3 people. There's plenty of seating, and a climbing area for kids in the center of the restaurant.
Edbeer Waffelhaus + Eiscafe
Price: 5€-10€
Looking for adorable strawberry-shaped waffles topped with ice cream? If so, you'll find just that in this airy and adorable restaurant. The milkshakes are 100% instagram-worthy so get your camera ready!
LKW Lecker Karls Wurst
Price: 5€-10€
This charming stand serves sausages in a bun with fries. It's a super simple and tasty combo for those looking something between a snack and a whole meal. Seating is outdoors with individual umbrella covers, but it can still get a bit hot in the summer.
Price: 5€ - 10€
Right in front of the Tobeland and near the birthday area you will find the Proviant-Kiste. Here you can buy snacks and cake to fill up on energy before letting it all out in the Tobeland. The bienenstich cake is a little dry but good for a small snack. In comparison to the other food at this park the currywurst is mediocre at best.
Price: 2€
Who doesn't love some bread? Here is a stick-bread fire area where you can bake your own bread over the camp fire. You can buy the stick bread at the nearby Edbeer Waffelhaus + Eiscafe and bring it out to the fire to roast. It can get hot and smokey so be careful!
Tuttu Frutti
Price: 5€ - 10€
Snacks and slushies are served at this outdoor counter stand! Enjoy some crunchy and tassty chicken nuggets in a waffle bowl or order a slush that comes in a whimsical container!
Hof Küche
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Price: 10€-15€
Having a buffet serving the visitors tasty food around the clock is certainly one of the many unique things about Karl's Erlebnis-Dorf. The most recommended item on the breakfast menu is certainly the strawberry sandwich made with a strawberry bun, camembert, strawberries, nuts and spinach. Not only is it healthy, but also one of the most tasty things this park has to offer.
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