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Grizzly Peak celebrates the beauty and grandeur of California's wilderness. The land is designed to resemble a rustic mountain resort, complete with the iconic towering Grizzly Peak landmark. Popular attractions in the land include the thrilling Grizzly River Run, Soarin' Around the World, and the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, an interactive playground for kids. Grizzly Peak also has the Smokejumpers Grill and a churro stand, as well as souvenir shops such as Rushin' River Outfitters and Humphrey's Service & Supplies. With its stunning scenery and exciting attractions, Grizzly Peak is a great place to celebrate nature while still enjoying the perks of being in a Disney park.

Top 3 Things to do in Grizzly Peak

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Ride Soarin'
This immersive, family-friendly ride is a classic DCA experience that can't be missed. It might not be as thrilling or as beautiful as many other rides, but there's just something about riding Soarin' that makes you feel like you're at Disney. It's magical!
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Grab a Burger at Smokejumpers Grill
If you're craving burgers in Disney California Adventure, Smokejumpers Grill is the best place to go. The burgers are large, tasty, and well-priced. Between the fries and the onion rings, we recommend the onion rings. Either way, you'll get a great meal in a much less busier part of the park than the more popular eateries.
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Ride Grizzly River Run
If you don't mind getting wet (especially during those hot California summers), this is a really fun ride for the entire family. The river takes you on a beautiful journey with plenty of small drops and turns to keep it exciting but not overwhelming.

Food & Drinks

Churro Stand
Price: $5 - $10
This appropriately-named eatery serves up churros in Grizzly Peak, which are a perfect snack after a thrilling ride at Grizzly River Run. Festivals and holidays sometimes bring specialty churros to this cart, so be sure to check it out every so often!
Smokejumpers Grill
Burgers, Fries, Onion Rings
Price: $10 - $20
Smokejumpers Grill is a quick-service restaurant located in Grizzly Peak at Disney California Adventure. The restaurant is themed after a rustic forest firefighting station, and serves up burgers, sandwiches, and salads. The burgers here are creative and tasty without breaking the bank. We also enjoy the large onion rings! Smokejumpers Grill also has a range of side dishes, desserts, and beverages.

Rides & Attractions


Relaxing (Slow with Little or No Elevation Changes) | Mild (Slow to Moderately Fast with Potentially Higher Elevation)

Thrilling (Fast with Potential High Elevations & Loops) | Wild (Intense Speeds, Extreme Heights, and/or Loops)
Grizzly River Run
Height: 42"
Intensity Level: Mild
Embark on a wild and wet adventure through the rapids of the Grizzly River. This water ride will have you cooled down on a hot summer day for sure. Each raft holds up to 8 and will bob and weave down a river full of twists, turns, and drops! Most riders will get at least a little wet, if not completely soaked.
Redwood Creek Challenge
Height: Varies
Intensity Level: N/A
Escape the park's hustle and bustle on an interactive nature trail that's packed with physical challenges and fun discoveries. Explore the scenic surroundings, scale a rock wall (guests over 42"), slide down log slides (guests over 32"), and tackle a training tower (guests over 42" and 13+). And for a more meditative experience, venture into a cave where you'll find an animal that connects to your soul. It's the perfect way to recharge and connect with nature at the park.
Height: 40"
Intensity Level: Mild
Explore the world like never before with this immersive experience! Hop into the moving theater and see spectacles of the world like the Taj Mahal or the great Wall of China. The sights are accompanied by a series of songs written by Bruce Broughton to bring out the true wonder and awe of nature.
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