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Avengers Campus is an immersive land within Disney California Adventure that is based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The land features several attractions, including the thrilling Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout, and the technologically-advanced Web Slingers. 

Avengers Campus also features a ton of interactive shows that really bring guests into the world of Marvel. Visitors can meet and take selfies with some of their favorite Marvel superheroes, watch live performances, and enjoy a range of out-of-this-world food. With its exciting attractions and immersive theming, Avengers Campus is a must-visit destination for Marvel fans of all ages.

Top 3 Things to do in Avengers Campus

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Ride Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT!
Mission: BREAKOUT is simultaneously the most thrilling yet most fun ride at Disney California Adventure. You get to hang out with some awesome characters, listen to spectacular tunes, and you even get to help save the day. What's not to love?
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Ride WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure
If you enjoy friendly competition with your friends and family, there's nothing like a round of WEB SLINGERS to get your energy up! You'll be slinging webs all over to help get rid of those pesky nanobots and having the time of your life while you're at it.
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Eat at Pym Test Kitchen
Meals at Pym Test Kitchen are an experience. They are clever, fun to photograph, and delicious to boot! Even the breakfast options are great. This is one of our favorite places to eat in all the park, and it's not hard to see why.

Food & Drinks

Pym Tasting Lab
Creative Alcoholic Drinks
Price: $5 - $15
Pym Tasting Lab is an outdoor bar that offers a range of unique and creative concoctions, including cocktails and craft beers, inspired by the Pym Particles from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The cups for these drinks serve as practical souvenirs that you can enjoy using at home. With its inventive menu and immersive theming, Pym Tasting Lab is a great spot to relax and enjoy a drink while exploring Avengers Campus.
Pym Test Kitchen
Sandwiches, Breakfast, Pretzels, Tots
Price: $10 - $20
Pym Test Kitchen has the most innovative dishes in the theme park, inspired by the Pym Particles from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Guests can choose from a variety of savory and sweet treats, including the popular Pym-ini Sandwich and the Not so Little Chicken Sandwich. Guests who visit early in the day can also enjoy their breakfast items like the Ever-expanding Cinna-Pym Toast (highly recommended)! 
Shawarma Palace
Shawarma Wraps, Falafel, Drinks
Price: $10 - $15
Shawarma Palace is a food stand that offers a couple of Mediterranean-style wraps for breakfast and lunch. Visitors can enjoy their meals in a lively and bustling setting, but seating is fairly limited. The wraps are large enough to be full meals, but can also be shared if you're not too hungry. The line can sometimes get long, but it's usually more reasonable than the more popular Pym Test Kitchen.
Terran Treats
Pastries, Drinks
Price: $5 - $10
Located next to Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT, Terran Treats is a food stand that has a couple of sweet snacks to enjoy. Our favorite here is the Cosmic Cream Orb, which is essentially a creampuff with a crust. The Sweet Spiral Ration is also tasty, albeit less fun. Drinks are also available at this stand, as well as collectible souvenir cups and cupholders. The lines here are rarely long, so this eatery is great for a quick pick-me-up without committing to a long line.

Rides & Attractions


Relaxing (Slow with Little or No Elevation Changes) | Mild (Slow to Moderately Fast with Potentially Higher Elevation)

Thrilling (Fast with Potential High Elevations & Loops) | Wild (Intense Speeds, Extreme Heights, and/or Loops)
Dr. Strange:
Mysteries of the Mystic Arts
Height: N/A
Intensity Level: N/A
Enter the mystical world of Dr. Strange in this captivating show at Disney California Adventure. This show takes you on a journey with the Sorcerer Supreme as he demonstrates his incredible powers and the secrets of the Mystic Arts. From levitation and teleportation to mind-bending illusions, the show highlights the incredible talents of Dr. Strange and his team. This is a pretty popular show, so we recommend getting in line at least 15-20 minutes to ensure you can make it in!
Guardians of the Galaxy:
Awesome Dance Off
Height: N/A
Intensity Level: N/A
It's a Disney Dance off! Gamora will likely be her usual grumpy self while Peter plays some sick tunes to cheer her up. You can join in to the dance party and have a showdown of who has the best moves. Groot will come around towards the end and really "stick" on you!
Guardians of the Galaxy
- Mission: BREAKOUT!
Height: 40"
Intensity Level: Thrilling
The Guardians of the Galaxy have been captured by the Collector! This thrilling drop tower takes guests on a wild ride to escape the clutches of the Collector. With the help of Rocket and the Guardians of the Galaxy, you'll experience drops, ascents, and close encounters with the Collector's eccentric collection. You'll bounce up and down 13 stories while Star-Lord's mixtape plays so hold on or sing along!
The Amazing Spiderman Show
Height: N/A
Intensity Level: N/A
This spectacular show features everyone's neighborhood-friendly Spider-Man! You can catch this short stunt performance on top of W.E.B. – the same building that houses the awesome WEB SLINGERS ride. Watch in awe as Spider-Man hangs, flips, and swings through the air. And the best part? The finale is truly unforgettable, as Spider-Man takes flight high above Avengers Campus. It's an experience you won't want to miss!
Warriors of Wakanda: The Disciplines of the Dora Milaje
Height: N/A
Intensity Level: N/A
This show allows guests to witness the power and strength of the Dora Milaje, the fierce all-female warriors of Wakanda. With incredible choreography, music, and stunning visuals, the show highlights the heroic and fearless spirit of the Dora Milaje. The performers also require a bit of participation from the audience, which is always a nice touch. From start to finish, this show is an experience that is sure to leave you in awe of these amazing warriors and their incredible talents.
A Spider-Man Adventure
Height: 42"
Intensity Level: Mild
Spiderman has found himself in some trouble and he needs your help! Newly created Spider-Bots are not working the way he intended and have escaped. They're learning machines and ever-evolving so its up to you to create a web to catch them in. This immersive ride will have you moving and groovin' as you help Spiderman with his nanobot problem. It also sparks some friendly competition as you work with your team to save the day!
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