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Castle Park is a small theme park set in Riverside, California, with a water park area, classic rides and attractions, and a mini golf area. We'll be honest: Castle Park is not our favorite park. However, there are plenty of upsides to it, and we'd definitely return every now and then for these upsides.

First and foremost: Castle Park is not a large park. It's easy to find, easy to park, and lines are usually short when compared to large theme parks. It's also priced appropriately at just $30 for a single day ticket if purchased online. If you're feeling like hitting up a theme park for some rides and okay food and don't want to bother with driving to a busy theme park garage, making park reservations, and shelling out over $100 in parking, food, and souvenirs, this is a good option. If you have a hundred kids you need to entertain for the afternoon and don't want to spend your entire paycheck getting them in, this is a good option.

This theme park is great for kids, who aren't as snobby about the cleanliness or the theming of a park. Kids just like fun rides, short waits, and food, and Castle Park offers all of that at a discount. There's even a tiny water park if your little one enjoys that kind of thing!

If you're looking for thrill rides, this isn't your park. There are a couple of coasters at this park, along with one drop ride, but they're mostly fit for the entire family to enjoy. There is a Fireball ride that loops over and over, which is more suited toward teens, but that's really the only thrilling ride.

If you're looking for instagram-worthy, delicious food, this also isn't your park. The food isn't bad - it's just not great. The food is good, the prices are appropriate, and there are a few options to choose from throughout the day. This is perfectly fine for most, especially if you're not picky.

When all is said and done, Castle Park is still a solid park that we'd recommend if you're just looking for the bare minimum theme park experience without the high price tag. It's missing most of the things you hate about the larger theme parks, but it's also missing most of the things you love about the larger theme parks. Just keep that in mind if you decide to visit!
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Castle Park isn't a fancy park. It's got rides, some food, and a handful of attractions that can keep you occupied for an afternoon. That being said, kids usually won't mind the lack of theming and the glitz that come with more established parks like Disney or Universal. There's still plenty to do and enjoy if you can ignore the lack of magic in the park. It's also great for first dates or couples who can focus on each other rather than on the rides and shows.
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$70 USD
(per day, based on a 1 day trip)
Because it's not a fancy park, Castle Park comes with a much more affordable price tag. At just $30 for a single day ticket if you purchase online, it's a decent value if you spend more than 4 hours at the park.  Mini golf is an extra $13, but that's also pretty good if you spend more than hour on their different courses. The food is also reasonably priced. Merchandise is available, but most of it is pretty bad, so you'll probably save money by not purchasing any of those.
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Oct - Dec
The end of summer is a great time to visit, since most of the park is open in the summer. When the crowds start to get low in September, you'll have low wait times, but some of the rides will also stay closed or won't be running at full capacity throughout the day. October brings the Castle Dark Halloween event, and the holidays bring about Duke's Very Merry Village, all cheaper alternatives to the pricier holiday offerings at other nearby theme parks.
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