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Best Rides at Adventuredome Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV, USA
Adventuredome Guide
Dani Gamutan
Article By: Dani Gamutan
Last Updated: July 26, 2022
The Adventuredome in Las Vegas only has a few handfuls of rides and attractions, so it's very possible to ride almost every ride and see every attraction in just one afternoon. However, if you're limited on time or only want to do the best of the best, our list of best rides at Adventuredome Las Vegas is here is to help!

From classic coasters to unique spinner rides to everything in between, this theme park has a decent assortment of rides for every taste and temperament. If you prefer calm rides, the teacup ride, BC Bus, and swinger ride are what you'll enjoy. If you like daring and bold, you'll want to try the El Loco, Chaos, and the Canyon Blaster.

This ride list features the best rides Adventuredome has to offer with regards to quality, experience, and uniqueness.

1. Chaos

Chaos tops our list as the best ride at Adventuredome because of its thrill and unique ride components. It's also a decently long ride, so you get your money's worth.

The ride starts off slow as it lifts the ride vehicles off the ground. Once it starts to tilt and your vehicle begins swinging, that's when the fun begins. For the next minute or two, you'll find yourself tumbling through the air and being bumped around your vehicle. One second you'll be plummeting toward the ground below, then the next, you'll be swinging back up toward that pink glass ceiling.

If you swing your legs hard enough, you'll even be able to control the spin of your vehicle. This is easier for taller people, and even easier if you work with your ride vehicle buddy.

If you don't mind heights or being upside down frequently, this ride is not to be missed when you visit the theme park!

2. 4D Theater Rides

The 4D Theater rides at Adventuredome are a surprise second choice for us. However, because they change every so often, the experience changes along with each new iteration. This gives it fantastic reride value for regular park goers.

Even for guests only planning to visit the park once, the 4D rides are worth a try. The shows are quirky and fun, even if you're not a fan of the IP they have. The rides sit nicely at a medium thrill rating, which makes it great for the whole family. The lines also move pretty quickly since the ride capacity is solid.

The Spongebob Squarepants 4D ride is a classic and one of our favorites, but the Ice Age one is good as well, and the Scoob! 4D ride is fantastic. You can't go wrong with any of them.

3. Canyon Blaster

For many, many years, Canyon Blaster would've topped our list as the best ride at Adventuredome Las Vegas. Although newer rides have now pushed it down a few spots, this ride is still a crowd favorite with both locals and tourists.

The coaster is pretty classic, with a couple of loops and corkscrews and all the usual excitement of a medium-thrill ride. It takes guests on a trip around the park, offering some great views above the dome. It's not flashy, but it's a guaranteed fun ride nearly every time.

4. El Loco

El Loco is the newest roller coaster at this theme park and the name is pretty spot on. This coaster is a wild ride, turning and swerving and dropping guests at nearly a 90 degree angle. It is arguably the wildest ride at Adventuredome, with only Chaos being a close second.

The ride vehicles seat 4, so parties larger than that will have to be split. These smaller ride vehicles allow for more flexibility in the track's design, which makes a huge difference in the ride experience.

For all the coaster fans visiting the park, this one is a MUST DO!

5. Inverter

The Inverter is a pendulum ride that swings guests through the air as the ride vehicle itself spins. This results in elongated periods of guests finding themselves upside down at the very climax of the ride.

This ride is a local favorite and popular amongst visitors as well. It's a bit unique in its design, as we haven't seen too many that are similar to it in other theme parks.

The ride itself is not particularly fast or thrilling, but it provides a satisfyingly fun swinging feeling and rewards with you fantastic views of the theme park -upside down of course.

6. NebulaZ

As one of the newest rides on the list, NebulaZ quickly made its way on our list as one of the best rides at Adventuredome Las Vegas. It's a unique ride system that offers a medium thrill rating as it swings guests up and around in a strange pattern.

The ride itself is pretty smooth, probably due to how fresh the ride is. It's also an interesting ride to just watch, kind of like the gears of a clock.

It's a great family ride that allows groups of 4 to sit in pairs back to back. There are no terrifying drops or spins on this ride -it's just a nice up and down swinging movement that's reminiscent of classic carnival rides.

7. Disk'O

Disk'O is located right at the front of the Adventuredome theme park, so it attracts most guests right away. This ride's flashing lights and loud disco music make for a groovy time as it spins guests round and round and round.

The ride motion feels like a combination of a large skate ramp with a spinning top. This ride is especially not recommended for those sensitive to motion sickness or those who have just had a heavy meal.

Still, it's a great ride for most of the family, and one of the better rides offered at the theme park.
Although this list only contains 7 rides that the Adventuredome theme park offers, these are not the only great rides you should check out. With plenty of rides catered to kids and others that offer different experiences, we recommend you check out the full list of rides and attractions at Adventuredome to see which ones will make on your list of the best rides!
Rides & Attractions at Adventuredome
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